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Ten Below Project 


The best kept secrets are hidden in plain sight. As children we explored rock pools enchanted by the discovery of miniature worlds. Our imagination soared and time stood still. It was an unintentional communion between the adventurer and nature. Ten Below - Hidden Worlds of the Tidal Zone, is a photographic project rekindling those magical experiences, presenting fresh aspects into those elusive habitats. 

In nothing deeper than a few centimetres of water all sense of perspective becomes distorted and reality altered through reflection, form and light. These elements create unique landscapes, some abstract, others appear as impressionist paintings. There are alien worlds, desert plains, mountains and forests, all within a crevice, puddle or shallows of the tidal zone.

The viewer is taken on a journey into one of the most resilient ecosystems on our planet. Each image challenges the viewer to ask; what is that? In asking the question curiosity is aroused. If we learn to appreciate the importance of life at every scale then understanding is awakened, which brings us closer to nurturing and protecting our natural environment. 

Ten Below

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